Layers of college 80's and proper oldies smothered with disco, garnished with a few rock songs- sounds gross, but it kinda works ;-)

Broadcasting 24/7/365 from downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Weekday Schedule:

12pm - 3pm EST The Other Side of the Eighties.

Because lunch should always take many hours; preferably with Bloody Marys.


1pm - 1:10 pm EST The Cato Daily Podcast


3pm - 7pm EST Afternoon Relaxation Session.

Who needs work? I'm on vacation and most of my friends are unemployed.


7pm - 7:10 EST The Cato Daily Podcast


7:10 pm - 2am EST Night Time at the Bar.

A mix of all the styles, more upbeat, sometimes more silly.


2am - 5am EST Late Night Quiet Time.

For a low-key after-party or a bit of light sleeping.


5am - 12pm EST Hangover Therapy.

Face the sun with a slightly tuned down version of the jukebox- because disco in the morning is not so good for hangovers.


Programing is ongoing. More music added regularly. Thanks for listening ;-)


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Listen to the Cato Daily Podcast Rebroadcast weekdays at 1pm EST and 7 pm EST.

Commentary on relevant news, politics and economics

Produced by the Cato Institute . Rebroadcast w/ permission.

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