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Friends of the Hunley is the organization that helped raise and is preserving the Hunley. If you would like to make a donation to help fund this process, these are the people to contact.

CSS H.L. Hunley at Yahoo! Groups - The only day to day source for Hunley information. A forum for the exchange of info of the past and future history of the ship and it's crew.

The H.L. Hunley in Historical Context by Rich Wills, former Assistant Underwater Archaeologist, Naval Historical Center. A detailed essay on the history of the Hunley.

Michael & Karen Crisafulli's Hunley page with 3D models explaining the excavation. Browse their site for a wealth of information on archeology and Victorian era ships & submarines.

Daniel Dowdey did some of the first computer renderings of the Hunley, several years ago. His images have been used by the state museum, media outlets, and also appear on the covers of two of the three books on our Hunley Books page. His site also has many renderings of Ironclads, as well.

Mike McMillan is developing another 3D model of the Hunley on this site. He has been trying to figure out exactly how the Hunley's rudder mechanism worked - look for his animations., George Pendelton's daily information site about the Hunley and the issues surrounding it. The best archive around for hunley news stories.

Hunley Recovery Photos photos by Dennis Jones, captions by Jeff Hellman. Large photos showing the sub in the cradle.

NUMA Site, The National Underwater Marine Agency is the organization that raised the sub. Go here to see the (Quicktime) video simulation that explains exactly how the sub was raised. Video produced by Oceaneering.

The Post & Courier Hunley Page has all recent articles on the raising process and the relocation to the conservation laboratory features 3D computer generated Hunley artwork that is digitally imaged onto ceramic tile; available both framed or as tiles only. Images are from this site, Daniel Dowdey's and Mike McMillan's sites, as well as Conrad Chapman's original painting.

WCSC Channel 5 - Pictures of the raising, delivery and ongoing events concerning the sub.

Simplified Hunley animations from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

List of the names of the Hunley crew members who perished in the three sinkings.

There is not much information on the USS Housatonic out there; but here is a brief introduction.

Orin's Gallery of computer renderings of Ironclads and Gunboats from the War Between the States.

Tim Smalley is building a radio controlled model of the Hunley. Tim has also constructed a full-sized plywood section of the Hunley, demonstrating just how small the interior of the sub is.


Submarine Links-

Modern submarines, ships, and other vehicles can be found at AVHI. Excellent comparison images with emphasis on scale; also features a gallery of renderings. Includes the USS Cole and the submarine Kursk.

You can spend hours at The site has a tremendous amount of information about submarine warfare, all classes of German U-boats, Allied forces, technology, etc.

The SubCommittee is a great site supporting the submarine modelbuilding community. Information on modelbuilding techniques, radio-control equipment, photos and plans of actual subs, etc.



Virtual Sailor is an excellent sailing simulator that recreates the marine environment, above and below the waves. The program accepts custom built scenery and boats; many of which are available from the VS online community (much like MS Flight Simulator). A free demo is available, as well as the registered version from the Virtual Sailor site. Software designed and developed by Ilan Papini.

A nice Hunley add-on for Virtual Sailor can be downloaded here (as well as numerous other great models). Model by Jeff Koppe.


Southern Links-

Start with Aw, Shucks, timely news stories, plus links to all things southern, from Pork Bellies to William Faulkner!

The Civil War Maps Collection at the Library of Congress

Tour of Fort Sumter.


Charleston Illustrated

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