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For 130 years, all that was known about the sub came from witness descriptions and a single painting by Conrad Chapman.


Submarine Torpedo Boat H.L. Hunley Dec. 6 1863" by Conrad Wise Chapman

  Over the years, drawings and interpretations of the Hunley have evolved (devolved, actually) to portray the sub as a crude, bulky railroad boiler with mashed ends, and hundreds of protruding rivets- almost an amateurish attempt at a modern weapon of war.  

However, the recent discovery of the sub revealed a much more streamlined and technologically advanced design. This sub appears to have some things in common with the U-boats of W.W.I, 50 years later.


This gallery was set up to help visualize the Hunley. All original images are copyright 2000, 2001 Morris+ Bailey. Enjoy!



hunley's salvage


Ben Franklin Class SSBN model Copyright 2001 AVHI. Used with permission. Visit their site here.


hunley 2
hunley on surface
hunley 3


Singer's Torpedo Fuse Design

hunley 8

Site of original Hunley Museum, Broad Street.

hunley 5


  hunley 7   hunley 4  
CSS HL Hunley Replica at the Charleston Museum
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CSS David Replicas at Old Santee Canal Park

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