Hunley Books, Etc.


The CSS H.L. Hunley : Confederate Submarine by R. Thomas Campbell

Very concise. This book was used in the preparation of this site. Appears to be back in print.


The CSS Hunley: The Greatest Undersea Adventure of the Civil War by Richard Bak
The Hunley: Submarines, Sacrifice, and... by Mark K. Ragan
Union and Confederate Submarine Warfare in the Civil War by Mark K. Ragan. If you saw the recent National Geographic Explorer episode (April/01) on the Hunley- Mark was one of the experts who offered commentary during the show.

Raising the Hunley: The Remarkable History and Recovery of the Lost Confederate Submarine by Brian Hicks, Schuyler Kropf

Both authors are reporters for the Post & Courier who covered the Hunley raising.


The Voyage of the Hunley by Edwin Palmer Hoyt


The Hunley - VHS (1999)

I saw this movie at it's premiere in the theater on board the USS Yorktown. It opens (very dramatically) with the second sinking and the death of Hunley and the second crew. The story then centers on dixon and the training of the final crew. The movie makes an effort to show the siege of the city, as well.

Opinion- Good quality, decent effects, Assante is a bit old to play a 25 year old Dixon; at least one character is a "southern" stereotype, put in for comic relief (in typical Hollywood fashion). Overall, very "made for TV-ish" - but not bad, and definitely worth seeing if you have any interest in the Hunley.

  Books on the David

Hunters of the Night : Confederate Torpedo Boats in the War Between the States

By R. Thomas Campbell

Author of "The CSS H.L. Hunley: Confederate Submarine" listed above. This guy is an amazing researcher and his books almost read like novels. Covers the advent of the torpedo; the CSS Torch, the Squib and David class torpedo boats, etc.

  Other Books

Tidecraft: The Boats of South Carolina, Georgia, and Northeastern Florida 1550-1950 by Rusty Fleetwood

History & ships, and boatbuilding in the lowcountry. Though not about warships; Tidecraft does have a section and 2 elevations of the David

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